H Forensic Science 5.6.19

Don’t forget, Chapter 14, 15, and 17 online multiple choice tests are due on Tuesday, 5.7 at 11:59pm.

The extra credit posted to the blog on April 27th is due today by 11:59pm for full credit. If you turn it in between Tuesday and Friday (5.7 – 5.10), it will be worth 80%.

H Forensic Science 4/30/19

Below are the assignments for the rest of class. They are due on Tuesday, 5.7.19 at 11:59 pm

Go to mycrimelab.com

Read the following chapters in the online textbook: Chapter 14 (Fire Investigations), Chapter 15 (Investigation of Explosions), and Chapter 17 (Firearms, Toolmarks, and Other Impressions).

Complete the online multiple choice tests for Chapters 14, 15, and 17.

Don’t forget that you need to read chapter 10 on DNA and answer the multiple choice questions by Wednesday, 5.1.19 at 11:59pm.

Tomorrow I will post the Blood and DNA take home test on the blog. You can also pick up a copy from me in my room. It is due on Friday, 5.3.19

H Forensic Science 4.29.19

Today you need to read chapter 10 online and go through the notes posted here as well. Complete the Chapter 10 MC questions online – it is due on May 1st by 11:59pm. The assignment for today is also below. If you need help with it, see me BEFORE school starts. It is due on May 1st as well.