H Chemistry 1.5.18

Today we discussed the scientific method and its steps.
NOTES – Scientific Method 010518

We also watched an episode of Mythbusters and deetermined each step in the scientific method in the show for 2 myths.
Scientific Method Mythbusters

ALternative Assignment
If you were absent today, you can pick any episode of Mythbusters to watch online at home, they are on Amazon, or if needed, you can come after school on Monday or Wednesday next week and you can watch it in tutoring.

Forensic Science 12.12.17

Notes:Arson and Explosives

Arson and Explosives Notes

CW/HW: Due Wednesday, 12.13 Using these vocabulary terms from the power point, either create a crossword puzzle or write a story using all the words.
1. oxidation
2. combustion
3. exothermic
4. ignition temperature
5. flash point
6. pyrolysis
7. flammable range
8. glowing combustion
9. spontaneous combustion
10. oxidizing agent
11. accelerants
12. hydrocarbons
13. explosion
14. low explosive
15. high explosive
16. detonation
17. primary explosive
18. secondary explosive

H Chemistry 12.8.17

Hello All,

Sorry I am so late posting this, I haven’t had power since 11:30 on Friday night and no way to get out of my neighborhood until today.

Here is what we discussed on Friday in class, colligative properties. PPT Solutions II Colligative Properties (1)

I was not able to scan the example problems so here is a youtube video that explains how to do so.
Colligative Properties Video

Colligative Properties Worksheet

EXTRA CREDIT – Watch the video below and create your own handwarmer and bring it to class or make a video of you using it. You can get calcium chloride from Lowe’s or Home Depot, it also called deicing salt. – Worth 10 points.
Extra Credit Video