H Forensic Science 11.1.19

On Thursday, you completed the webquest below to makes notes for drugs and toxicology. On Friday, I was not present, and neither were most of you.

H Chemistry 11.1.19

On Thursday and Friday, we discussed thermochemistry, specifically, calculating heat given off or absorbed during a chemical or physical process. On Friday, we also talked about how to use heat in calorimetry.

H Forensic Science 10.29.19

Here is the key to the study guide for tomorrow’s death test.

H Chemistry 10.29.19

Here is the study guide for tomorrow’s test, in case you lost yours.

H Forensic Science 10.25.19

H Forensic Science 10.24.19

Today we finished watching the documentary, “Secrets of the Body Farm” and responding to the questions presented. We also took notes on forensic entomology.

H Chemistry 10.24.19

Today, we started the stoichiometry lab and worked on % yield. The notes on % yield are below. Tomorrow, we will discuss limiting reactants and some of those notes are attached as well.

H Forensic Science 10.23.19

Today we took notes on the 5 stages of decomposition. We also started watching a National Geographic documentary, “Secrets of the Body Farm” while answering questions.

H Chemistry 10.23.19

Today we reviewed the various types of stoichiometry problem when you completed the 10 Question Trail activity in class. Tomorrow, we will work on adding % yield and we have a stoichiometry lab to complete! Please dress appropriately!

H Forensic Science 10.22.19

Today we took notes on estimating time of death using algor mortis and solving practice problems before getting CW/HW that is due tomorrow.