H Forensic Science 4.28.20

Good Morning People! We have 5 more classes and you are done!!!

To join the video meeting, click this link: https://meet.google.com/uch-ywod-arv
To join by phone, dial +1 219-213-6595 and enter this PIN: 292 422 603#

Today we are going to review unit 4: Drugs, Toxicology, Blood and DNA at 1pm. I have 3 Kahoots we can play. I am also posting the unit test. It is due on Friday, 5.1 @ 11:59pm. The next 2 weeks, you will have a project to do instead of a final exam. This project will be a great grade booster for those of you sitting on the fence between 2 letter grades.




I’m ready to leave high school behind!!!