H Forensic Science 3.23.20

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Happy Monday Everyone! I hope you all had a good weekend. This week we are having a virtual spirit week – today is teacher tik tok day and I cannot dance nor do i want to immortalize me trying to dance so I’m going to show you this cool tik tok instead:


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The Medicolegal Death Test. There were some blips in the test and I will adjust for them when grading them.

Monday’s Assignment 3.23.20: Complete and turn in the Serial Killer Cereal Box Projects. They are due today by 11:59pm.


Tuesday’s Assignment 3.24.20: Read Chapter 6: Drugs. Complete the chapter review on p.238 – 240 #1 – 38. Complete the Application & Critical Thinking on p. 240 – 241 # 1 -4, & 6. Due: Wednesday, 3.25.20

Wednesday’s Assignment 3.25.20: Read Chapter 7: Forensic Toxicology. Complete the chapter review on p. 284 – 286 # 1 – 41. Complete the Application and Critical Thinking on p. 286 #1. Due Thursday, 3.26.20

Thursday’s Assignment: 3.26.20: Complete the Drug Webquest. Due Friday, 3.27.20

Friday’s Assignment 3.27.20: Read Chapter 9: Serology. Complete the chapter review on p. 355 – 357 # 1 – 32. Complete the lab on p. 360 -361.