Archive | March 13, 2020

H Forensic Science 3.13.20

Today we are finishing “The Body Farm” documentary and questions. Then you are working on the Serial Killer Cereal Box Project. Instructions and rubric are below.

Cereal Box Serial Killers Project is due by Monday, 3.23.20. See the information below on how to complete and turn in the project. If you were not at school today, please choose a serial killer from the list provided and let me know which one you are doing. If you want to research a killer not on the list, email me the name and I will let you know if that person is acceptable.

H Chemistry 3.13.20

Hello all, we are taking the unit 3A Test on Chemical Reactions today. You will then have to read an article and respond using R.A.C.E.

To get access to the textbook, please go to the link below. The user name is firstname.lastname. The password is the password to your school computer login.