Monthly Archives: December 2019

H Forensic Science 12.5.19

Today we finished the arson notes and then you worked on review questions.

H Chemistry 12.5.19

3rd period: We did a small lab on dilutions. Then you reviewed colligative properties and completed work on it.

4th period. We also did a small lab on dilutions. Then we started discussing colligative properties.

H Forensic Science 12.3.19

Today you completed 2 labs, dental impressions and tool mark evidence. We also continued taking notes on arson.

H Chemistry 12.3.19

3rd period – we took notes on molality and colligative properties. We will finish them tomorrow and you have a lab.

4th period – we took notes on dilutions and practiced solving problems.

H Forensic Science 12.3.19


H Chemistry 12.2.19

3rd period: We reviewed solvation and solubility. Then we took notes on calculating concentrations – molarity and did practice problems.

4th period: We reviewed solvation and solubility. Tomorrow we wlll discuss measuring concentrations – molarity.

H Forensic Science 12.2.19

H Chemistry 12.2.19

Homework: Due – Tuesday, 12.3.19 Watch the GPB Chemistry video below and take notes on the video. You can use the note taking guide listed below the video or you can write your own notes. These will be checked Tuesday in class.

H Chemistry 11.22.19

We took notes on solubility and practiced reading a solubility graph