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H Forensic Science 11.22.19

If you were in class on Friday, you received your take home test. It is sue at the beginning of the period on Monday, 12/2.

If you were absent, for the band field trip, please email me asap. I need your email addresses for to email you the test.

H Forensic Science 11.21.19

Today we watch a documentary on using dna to determine who the zodiac and golden state killers were and to capture them. You had to take notes on the forensics used to determine the killers’ identities.

H Chemistry 11.21.19

Today, we started out next unit on solutions and acids and bases by discussing the process of solvation. You also received some classwork based on the today’s notes.

H Chemistry 11.18.19 – 11.19.19

On Monday, we learned how to relate pressure, volume, temperature, and amount of gas using the ideal gas law. We practiced some problems and then you received classwork.

On Tuesday, you received a study guide for the thermochemistry and gas laws test. The answer key for the study guide is below.

H Forensic Science 11.18.19 – 11.19.19

On Monday, you worked on the height of blood spatter lab and the angle of impact lab. On Tuesday, we took notes on DNA and you worked on determining the identity of a 9/11 victim using a DNA electropherogram. It is due tomorrow.

H Forensic Science 11.14.19

Today you completed the blood typing lab and started the lab on height vs blood drop size. We will finish when I see you next.

H Chemistry 11.14.19

Today we took notes on Gas Laws: Boyle’s, Charles’s, and Avogadro’s. You have Class work to try tonight

H Chemistry 11.13.19

Today we went over the Hess’s Law Practice from yesterday and then you worked on Hess’s Law Classwork

H Forensic Science 11.13.19

Blood Typing Lab

The blood typing lab did not work on the iPads so we will try it on the laptops tomorrow. Instead you received 2 worksheets on blood spatter.

H Chemistry 11.12.19

Yesterday, you learned how to calculate the change in enthalpy (heat) of a chemical reaction by using Hess’s Law. You received some practice that we will go over in the next class before you receive class work.