Monthly Archives: September 2019

H Forensic Science 9.30.19

Today we took notes on how to use refractive index to determine the type of glass and if the crime scene glass shard matches a suspect. We then completed a lab on rafractive index.

H Chemistry 9.30.19

Today we took notes on the mathematical relationship between moles and the number of particles (atoms, molecules, or formula units) the substance has. We also practiced solving problems together before you received your classwork.

H Forensic Science 9.19.19

Today we took notes on glass and fracture patterns. Then you worked on a fracture pattern activity. We have a lab tomorrow.

H Chemistry 9.19.19

Today we reviewed and studied for your unit test tomorrow on chemical reactions.

H Chemistry 9.17.19

Today we took notes on types of reactions and using that to predict products. The assignment is due on Thursday, 9.19

H Forensic Science 9.17.19

Use the pages below to answer the questions on currency and security measures.

H Forensic Science 9.16.19

Today you worked on the ink chromatography lab which is due tomorrow. We then took notes on alterations to documents.

H Chemistry 9.16.19

Today you worked to make sure the skeleton equations you worked on are balanced and completed the 3 pHet activities for balancing equations above.

H Forensic Science 9.13.19

Today we took notes on getting handwriting exemplars, inks and paper. We also complete two labs – one on indented writings and one on ink chromatography which we will repeat on Monday because we ran out of time.

H Chemistry 9.13.19

Today we practiced writing and balancing chemical equations.

If you are still having issues writing formulas for skeleton equations, check the flowcharts below out!