Monthly Archives: August 2019

H Chemistry 8.29.19

Today you learned how to write names and formulas for binary ionic compounds.

H Forensic Science 8.29.19

Today we finished the hair analysis lab. We also took notes on fiber evidence. You can find those in the power point posted on 8.27 – the Hair and Fiber powerpoint

H Chemistry 8.28.19

We did not meet today, half day schedule.

H Forensic Science 8.28.19

Today you worked on the hair analysis lab. If you didn’t finish today, you will have 30 minutes at the beginning of class tomorrow.

H Forensic Science 8.27.19

On Tuesday, we discussed hair, it’s morphology and analysis.

H Chemistry 8.27.19

We took notes on molecular polarity, intermolecular forces and their affect on an element’s properties. There is also class work attached to the notes.

H Forensic Science 8.26.19

Today we reviewed how to lift latent prints- using superglue fuming, ninhydrin, iodine fuming, fluorescent powder, and magnetic powder. Then we practice doing so.

H Forensic Science 8.22-23.19

On Thursday and Friday we took notes on fingerprints and techniques for lifting latent prints. We also practice identifying a print as a loop, whorl, or arch. We also practiced using fingerprint powder to lift a latent print and see if we could identify minutiae on the prints.

H Chemistry 8.22-23.19

On Thursday and Friday we took notes on ionic and covalent bonding and developed models for showing how valence electrons are transferred (ionic) or shared (covalent) during bonding.

On Monday we will have a lab to create models of atoms.

H Chemistry 8.21.19

Today you took the unit 1 test.

Homework is to use the RACE method to answer a question about atomic theory. If you were absent, see me for the question and to set a time to take the unit 1 test.