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H Chemistry 5.20.19

H Chemistry 5.17.19

H Chemistry 5.16.19

H Forensic Science 5.13.19

11th graders only! Below is the Cereal Box – Serial Killer Project. It is due on Friday, 5.17.

H Chemistry 5.10.19

Today you took your last unit test on Solutions, Acids-Bases, Kinetics, and Equilibirium. Below is the study guide for your final exam.

H Forensic Science 5.10.19

Here is the study guide for the final exam which is on Tuesday, 5.14. If you are taking the AP U.S. History exam on Tuesday, you will take the final exam on Monday, 5.13 during 2nd period.

H Chemistry 5.8.19

Study for your test tomorrow on solutions, acids/bases, reactions rates, and equilibrium!

H Chemistry 5.7.19

Today we discussed LeChatelier’s Principle, practice determining which way equilibrium would shift and completed work.

H Forensic Science 5.7.19

Hello All! Today is the last day of this crazy schedule. I expect you to be in our regularly scheduled 2nd period class tomorrow, right after 1st period!

Due today at 11:59pm

Chapter 14, 15, and 17 online multiple choice tests! Not the 10 multiple choice questions you are normally assigned. Go to the assignment calendar and click on today’s date to find the assignment!

H Chemistry 5.6.19

Today we reviewed solving for Keq and determining if the forward or reverse reaction is favored. In 1st period, we discussed LeChatelier’s Principle as well.