Archive | April 2019

H Chemistry 4.23.19

Today we discussed solvation and you developed your own lab to determine how to dissolve a cube of sugar the fastest. We will discuss the results tomorrow in class.

H Forensic Science 4.22.19

Today you took the quiz on drugs and toxicology.

HW: Read Ch 11 online and answer the 10 online multiple choice questions at

H Forensic Science 4.17.19

Today you completed the blood typing lab to determine if the blood found at the crime scene matched the suspects or the victim. You also received a study guide for the unit test which is on Monday, 4.22.19

H Forensic Science 4.16.19

Today we learned about blood and blood typing.

We also went through this infographic from the red cross on blood types and donations

Then we did an activity – using blood types to solve a crime. See me for this activity!