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H Chemistry 3.22.19

Today we a study for the test/catch up on work day. Below is a copy of the unit test review and the key. Remember, you are allowed one 8.5 by 11 inch sheet of paper with any notes on it you want. It must be handwritten in your handwriting, not photocopied and no added, taped on tabs. The only thing I will provide, other than the test, is a Periodic Table.

H Forensic Science 3.20.19

Today you completed the estimating time of death – algor mortis that you received yesterday.

H Chemistry 3.20.19

Today you completed a lab on limiting reactants.

H Forensic Science 3.19.19

Today we learned how to estimate the time of death using algor mortis.

For homework, you need to complete the Ch 4 questions below – due Wednesday, 3.20.19

H Chemistry 3.19.19

Today we learned how to calculate the % yield of a product.

Then we finished Stoichiometry #2 handout.

You also received a copy of the test study guide. The test will be on Monday, 3.25

H Forensic Science 3.18.19

Today we took notes on estimating time of death using livor mortis and rigor mortis.

H Chemistry 3.18.19

Today we worked on solving mass to mass stoichiometry problems.

H Forensic Science 3.15.19

Today we finished the notes on manner, cause, and mechanism of death. Then we completed an activity where we determined the manner, cause, and mechanism of death of various strange, but real life deaths.

H Chemistry 3.15.19

Today we continued working on solving stoichiometry problems.

If you are still having issues with stoichiometry, check out the Khan Academy website below, here are videos and practice problems.

H Forensic Science 3.14.19

Today we started taking notes on manner, cause, and mechanism of death. We will finish tomorrow in class.