Monthly Archives: March 2019

H Forensic Science

Today we had a guest speaker from the Cobb County Medical Examiner’s Office, Mr. Martin Jackson. He gave a very interesting presentation of the job of a medical examiner and their role in forensic science

H Chemistry 3.29.19

Today we finished notes on heating curves

H Chemistry 3.28.19

Today we went over the reactions, moles, and stoichiometry test you took. Then we started notes on heating curves. We will finish those tomorrow.

H Forensic Science 3.27.19

Today you worked on the study guide for the unit test tomorrow.

H Chemistry 3.27.19

Today we learned what heat was and how to calculate how much heat is absorbed or released from a system.

H Chemistry 3.26.19

Today, you finished the unit test and then you need to read the articles below about the dangers of e-cigarettes for teens. Then create a PSA on a regular sheet of paper that describes how e-cigarettes work and why they are dangerous.

H Forensic Science 3.26.19

Below is the instructions for the Mystery of the Bones WebQuest

H Forensic Science 3.25.19

Today you took notes on this power point and have a worksheet to complete. You had to show me completed notes in order to receive the worksheet.

H Chemistry 3.25.19

Today you took the unit 2 Test.

H Forensic Science 3.22.19

Today you worked on the estimating time of death using all the processes we have discussed in class.