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H Chemistry 10.30.18

Today we reviewed for the Moles Test.

KEY review for moles test

H Forensic Science 10.30.18

HW: Due Wednesday, 10.31
1. Innocence Project – see previous post
2. Onlince – Ch 10 MC and T/F @

Notes from today.
102918 and 103018 Notes DNA

CW: due Tuesday, 10.30.18
2 DNA WS 2

H Forensic Science 102918

On Friday, you had to use this power point to complete the worksheet.
DNAevidence ppt


Today we took notes on DNA.

H Chemistry 102918

Today we finished the CW on Molecular Formulas. If you need the notes or the worksheet, check out Friday’s post.

Here is the study guide and a mole map to help you study for Wednesday’s mole test. Answers will appear on the blog on Tuesday afternoon.Review for Moles Test

Mole Map

H Forensic Science 10.26.18

Hello All,

I apologize for not being in class today, I was called away for an emergency. I will definitely be there on Monday. You were to continue working on your Innocence Project and write notes on the DNA power point.

H Chemistry 10.26.18

Today we learned how to determine an empirical formula and started on molecular formula (1st period).
102618 Notes Empirical and Molecular Formulas

CW/HW: Due Monday, 10.26.18 – only complete the empirical formula side.
CW EF and MF

H Forensic Science 10.25.18

Today, those who were on the field trip yesterday took the death investigations test today.

All students also started working on the Innocence Project, which is due on Wednesday, 10.31.
Innocence Project Group Project 2018

H Chemistry 10.25.18

Today in 1st period, we took a pop quiz on combined mole problems and then started learning how to determine an empirical formula from % composition or lab data. We will continue tomorrow and also work on molecular formulas.

In 2nd period, we completed the % composition lab and took the same pop quiz that 1st period did. Tomorrow we will work on empirical and molecular formulas.

TEST on moles will be on Tuesday, 10.30

H Forensic Science 10.24.18

Today you took the test on death investigations.

HW: Read article and summarize. Due Thursday, 10.15
DNA Evidence Exonerates a Man of Murder After 20 Years in Prison – The New York Times

H Chemistry 10.14.18

Hey Guys,

Yesterday we finished up the mole activity and learned how to calculate % composition. 1st period got to collect data for the % sugar in gum lab, 2nd will do it tomorrow.

102418 Notes % Composition

CW/HW: Due Thursday, 10.25
CW5 % Composition ALT