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H Forensic Science 9.21.18

Today, I had no voice. So you took soil notes from this power point.
Soil and Glass PPT

You also read the case study: The Enrique Camarena Case and answered the questions.
Enrique Camarena Case article

Enrique Camerena Case Reading Questions

H Chemistry 9.21.18

Today you took a test for unit 2 on Matter, Bonding, and Nomenclature.

Have a great break!

HW: Due Monday, 10.1

Student Reading Comprehension Questions

H Chemistry 9.20.18

Today we discussed Intermolecular Forces – IMFs
092018 Notes IMFs

CW: Due Fri., 9.21.18
CW intermolecularworksheet

Unit 2 Review
Unit 3 Test Review

Key- Unit 2 Review
KEY Unit 2 Test Review

H Forensic Science 9.19.18

To we talked about glass fracture patterns
Harris Glass Evidence Ppt

CW: due Thursday, 9.20.18
CW GLass Fracture Patterns

H Chemistry 9.19.18

Study Guide for the unit 2 test – which is on Friday, 9.21.
As I have been saying all unit, you MUST have the polyatomic ions memorized by Friday!
Unit 3 Test Review

Today we learned how to write acidic nomenclature
091918 Notes Type IV Acidic Nomenclature

CW: Due Thursday, 9.20.18
CW Acidic Nomenclature ALTERNATIVE

H Forensic Science 9.18.18

Today we talked about glass evidence.
091818 Notes Glass Evidence

CW: Due Wednesday, 9.19.18 Glass Evidence
CW Glass Evidence Density

HW: Due Wednesday, 9.19.18
Read chapter 18, then complete the multiple choice and true/false on

H Chemistry 9.18.18

1st period: We reviewed how to draw Lewis Structures and write names for type III covalent compounds. Then we learned how to write formulas for type III covalent compounds.
091818 Notes Type III Covalent Nomenclature

CW covalent bonds ALT

CW type III Covalent ALT

2nd period: We completed the Lewis structure lab. Then we learned how to write names and formulas for type III covalent compounds.
See notes and classwork above.

H Forensic Science 9.17.18

Today we discussed security features of U.S. currency to protect against counterfeiting. Then we completed a lab identifying those security features.

Check out this site for security features on currency.
US Dept of Treasury – Security Features

More Notes:Notes – Counterfeiting Currency 021318

HW: Due Wednesday, 9.17
Read Chapter 18
Complete the Multiple Choice and True/False on for ch 18.

H Chemistry 9.17.18

1st period: We finished the notes on covalent bonds and Lewis Structures
091718 Notes Lewis Structures and Covalent Nomenclature

We also completed a Lewis structure lab

2nd Period: We reviewed writing Lewis Structures and then completed CW.
CW covalent bonds ALT

H Forensic Science 9.14.18

Today we completed a lab on forgery – ink chromatography.

Then we continued watching the movie, Catch Me If You Can – about a prolific forger, based on the real life of Frank Abagnale.