Archive | August 10, 2018

H Forensic Science 8.10.18

Today we completed the activity: Death on a Desk, drawing rough sketches for a crime scene.

On Monday, we will be creating final sketches from a rough sketch.

H Chemistry 8.10.18

Today we worked on the beanium lab. If you are in 2nd period, we will need to do this lab on Monday because we took the pre-test for the Student Growth Measure or SGM today in the computer lab. Both 1st and 2nd period should have received the CW/HW for Isotopes and Atomic Mass. It is due today for 2nd period and due on Monday, 8.13 for 1st period. If you weren’t in 1st period today, please check yesterday’s blog post for the alternative assignment.

Notes from today:081018 Notes Continued atomic mass