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H Chemistry 5.19.18

KEY Spring 2018 Final Study Guide

Last Extra Credit Opportunity
Due Tuesday morning, 5.22.18 BEFORE 1st period.

Tee Shirt Art

Design artwork for a tee shirt representing a chemistry concept learned this semester. Let me be clear, you MUST turn in an actual shirt tomorrow.
1. Front of Shirt must have artwork (minimum of 4 colors) showing the concept, variable or term.
2. Back of the shirt must have a 1 or 2 line ‘cute or clever (but CLEAN)’ saying using the concept.
3. A minimum of 2 paragraphs explaining how the artwork and saying get the chemistry idea across must be written.

H Chemistry 5.18.18

Here is the final exam study guide.

Spring 2018 Honors Chemistry Final Review

H Chemistry 5.16.18

KEY Solutions and Acid Base Review

H Chemistry 5.14.18

CW: Due Tuesday, 5.15.18
CW pH 2

Forensic Science 5.14.18

Students worked on their study guide for the final exam.

H Chemistry 5.11.18

We took notes on calculating pH
Notes pH 051118

CW/HW: Due Monday, 5.14
CW – pH Calculations

Honors Chemistry 5.10.18

Today you completed the dilution lab.
Dilution Lab

We also took notes on properties of acids and bases.
Notes Properties of Acids and Bases 051018

HW: Due: Thursday, 5.11
Finish the CW/HW from yesterday on Acids and Bases

Forensic Science 5.10.18

Today you took the last unit test on ballistics, arson, explosives, and tool marks.

Forensic Science Final Exam Review

Honors Chemistry 5.9.18

Today we talked about colligative properties and the definitions for acids and bases.
Notes Colliagtive properties and ab definitions 050918

CW/HW: Due Thursday, 5.10
CW arrhenius bronsted lowery

Forensic Science 050918

Here is the key to the test review for the test you are having tomorrow.
Key Test Review

Here are all the power points we went over in class to help you study as well.
Arson and Explosives

Casts and Impressions PPT

Tool Marks PPT