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Forensic Science 3.30.18

Today you worked on the study guide for the DNA Fingerprinting & Blood and Blood Spatter Test.
Ch 7 and 8 DNA Fingerprinting and Blood Review

Answers to the key will appear on this blog on Sunday, 4.8.18

H Chemistry 3.30.18

Today you took the Stoichiometry Test.

You also are to read the article: “The Protein Myth: Getting the Right Balance” and respond to questions. This is due on Monday, 4.9.18

Have a great Spring Break!

H Chemistry 3.29.18

Here is the review for the stoichiometry test
Stoichiometry Review

Here are the answers
Key Stoichiometry Test Review

Want more stoichiometry practice? Check out this guy.
Mr Guch Stoichiometry Practice
Don’t do the ones marked with solution stoichiometry or molarity, we haven’t talked about that yet.

Forensic Science 3.29.18

Today we finished activity 8-4: angle of impact

We also worked on activity 8-5: Point of Convergence

And Activity 8-6: Point of origin
ch08_act6 adjusted

H Chemistry 3.27 & 3.28

On Tuesday, we completed a lab: Stoichometry Rockets.

On Wednesday, we learned how to identify a limiting reactant and an excess reactant and to calculate the theoretical yield and % yield. .

I apologize, I accidentally left the notes we did today at work. I will post them tomorrow. However, here are very similar notes that were taken last semester. It’s the same information, just different examples. I will post those notes tomorrow morning along with the assignment.


CW/HW: Due Thursday, 3.29
HW3 % Yield and LR

Forensic Science 3.27 & 3.28

On Tuesday, we finished the Blood and Blood Spatter notes.
Blood and Blood Spatter Notes

Blood and Blood Spatter Evidence

We also completed Ch 8 vocabulary and Ch 8 review. You can find a pdf of the textbook on the blog from 3.26.

On Wednesday we completed 2 activities.
8-3: Height of the Blood Drop
8-4: Angle of Blood Drop
ch08_act3 adjusted


Forensic Science 3.27.18

Forensic Science Textbook pdf

H Chemistry 3.26.18

Today we discussed stoichiometry
Notes Stoichiometry 032618

If my notes are not clear enough for you, check out this teacher’s notes.
Mr Guch Stoichiometry Basics

HW: Due Tuesday, 3.27.18
HW1 Stoichiometry 1

Forensic Science 3.26.18

Today’s notes on blood, we will finish the notes on blood spatter tomorrow.
Drugs and Toxicology

Blood and Blood Spatter Evidence

We also completed a lab on blood typing.

Forensic Science 3.22.18

Today you completed activities 7-4, 7-5, and 7-6. You also completed chapter 7 review.