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H Chemistry 3.30.18

Today you took the Stoichiometry Test.

You also are to read the article: “The Protein Myth: Getting the Right Balance” and respond to questions. This is due on Monday, 4.9.18

Have a great Spring Break!

H Chemistry 3.27 & 3.28

On Tuesday, we completed a lab: Stoichometry Rockets.

On Wednesday, we learned how to identify a limiting reactant and an excess reactant and to calculate the theoretical yield and % yield. .

I apologize, I accidentally left the notes we did today at work. I will post them tomorrow. However, here are very similar notes that were taken last semester. It’s the same information, just different examples. I will post those notes tomorrow morning along with the assignment.


CW/HW: Due Thursday, 3.29
HW3 % Yield and LR