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H Chemistry 1.31.18

1st period – We finished learning the different ways to write an electron configuration. See yesterday’s notes on the blog if necessary.

All periods: We worked on the electron configuration CW
CW Electron Configurations

Then we took notes on electrons and light
Atomic Theory
Slides 24 -30

Notes electrons and light examples 013118

Forensic Science 1.31.18

Today we took notes on hair.
Hair and Fiber Notes

Chapter 3 Hair Evidence Graphic Organizer

We started Act. 3-1 – Trace Evidence: Hair, part 1

Forensic Science 1.30.18

Today we did a latent fingerprints lab.

H Chemistry 1.30.18

Today we learned how to write electron configurations
Notes – Electron Configurations 013018

Extra Credit – Due Tuesday, 2.6.18
Watch the video and answer the questions on the worksheet.
Hunting the Elements Video


H Chemistry 1.29.18

Today we took notes on calculating atomic mass.
Notes – Atomic Mass 012918

Then we did this lab which we will finish up in class tomorrow
Beanium Lab

HW: Due Tuesday, 1.30
CW Average Atomic Mass

Forensic Science 1.29.18

Today we did the Chapter 6 review and vocabulary choice assignment.

Due: Tuesday, 1.30
Ch 6 Review and Vocab

Forensic Science 1.16.18

Today we completed two activities.

First, we used fingerprint powder to capture latent prints.

Then, you looked for minutae in printed fingerprints.

H Chemistry 1.26.18

Today we took notes on isotopes and ions
Notes – Isotopes and Ions 012618

CW/HW: Due Monday, 1.29
CW Atomic Structure


Forensic Science 1.25.18

Today we took notes on fingerprints.
Fingerprints Notes Organizer

Fingerprint Notes

We also completed Activity 6-1.

H Chemistry 1.25.18

Today we discussed the atomic theory timelines you made last night.

We took notes on atomic structure.
Notes – Atomic Structure 012518

We also practiced using bohr models. In groups, you determined the # of protons, electrons, and neutrons from the element’s symbol and mass number and created the Bohr models. This is for a grade.
1. B -11
2. Ne – 20
3. Cr – 54
4. Ge – 73