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Forensic Science 112917

Today we took notes on tool marks
Tool Marks PPT

CW – Due 113017
Ch 16 Review p.479 #1 – 14
See me if you weren’t here for the questions.

H Chemistry 112917

1st period – we discussed 3 gas laws – Boyle’s Law, Charles’s Law, and Avogadro’s Law and how to identify problems and solve them
Notes – Gas Laws 112917

CW: Due Thursday, 11.30
CW Gas Laws

2nd period – see yesterday’s blog for 1st period.

H Chemistry 11.28.17

1st period – we discussed how to interpret a heating curve.
Notes Heating Curves 112817

CW/HW: Due Wednesday, 11.29
CW Heating Curves

2nd period – we reviewed how to solve Hess’s Laws and Heat problems and worked on the assignment you should have done on Monday when I was absent.
CW Hess’s Law and Heat Problem 112717

Forensic Science 11.28.17

Today we went over Ch 15- Casts and Impressions
Casts and Impressions PPT

CW – Due Tuesday, 11.28
Chapter 15 Review p. 447 – 449 #1-20 – See me for questions
Vocabulary – Either create a crossword puzzles or write definitions and use each word in a complete sententce.

Forensic Science – Extra Credit

For extra credit, watch one of the crime shows on TV or YouTube and write a summary and reflection using the attached sheet. The shows are listed on the sheet.

Due: Wednesday, 11/29


H Chemistry – Extra Credit

Read up to 3 articles about Thanksgiving Chemistry on the ACS website.
Thanksgiving Chemistry Articles

Write a 1 – 2 paragraph summary for each article about what you learned and what the conversation was at your dinner table when you brought it up. Yes, bring it up!

DUE Tuesday, November 28th.

H Chemistry 111717

Today we learned about heat and solving heat problems.
Notes Heat 111717

CW/HW Due Monday, 11.27.17
CWHW – Heat Problems

If you feel the need to practice Hess’s Law problems more, here is some extra practice.
hess_law_questions extra practice – not graded

Forensic Science 11.17.17

Today you took the drugs and toxicology test.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Forensic Science 11.16.17

Today we took notes on toxicology.
Toxicology Notes

Toxicology NOtes

We also did a drugs and poisons lab.

Review for tomorrow’s Test
Drugs & Toxicology Review

Be prepared to answer questions about the Tokyo Sarin Gas Attack Documentary we watched in class on Wednesday and questions about the drug you researched for your project!

Answer key for review
KEY Drugs and Toxicology Test Review

H Chemistry 11.16.17

Today we learned about Enthalpy and Hess’s Law
Notes Enthalpy and Hess’s Law 111617

CW/HW: Due Friday, 11.17
CW Hess’s Law