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Forensic Science 10.31.17

Today we did Act. 8-4: Point of Origin – Angles

H Chemistry 10.31.17

Today we continued working on our stoichiometry lab. We also took notes on % yield and limiting reactants.
Notes % Yield and Limiting Reactants 103117

CW: Due Thursday 11.2
Choose one.
CW Limiting Reactant and % Yield

CW AP limiting reactant and % yield

Forensic Science 10.30.17

Today we did an activity to determine the point of origin of blood spatter.

H Chemistry 10.30.17

Today we started out stoichiometry lab. We will finish getting data tomorrow before learning how to write a formal lab report on Wednesday.

Then we took some notes on Limiting reactantsNotes Limiting Reactants 103017

We will discuss limiting reactants more, plus % yield tomorrow.

H Chemistry 10.27.17

Today we started stoichiometry
Notes Stoichiometry 102617

You have a choice of HW to try- bring it in tomorrow and we will talk before you finish it. Choose one assignment.
Regular assignment
CW1 Stoichiometry 1

Challenge assignment
CW1 AP level stoichiometry

Forensic Science 10.26.17

Today we completed ACtivity 8-3: Blood Spatter Analysis – Height
ch08_act3 adjusted

Vocabulary Assignment – due Fri., 10.27
Ch 7 DNA Fingerprinting and Ch 8 Blood and Blood Spatter Vocabulary Assignment

Forensic Science 10.25.17

Today we completed Activitiy 8-2 – Blood Typing

H Chemistry 10.25.17

Today we took the moles test.

HW – due 10.27.17

Clearing the Way to Acne QUESTIONS


Forensic Science 10.24.17

Notes Blood and Blood Spatter 102417

Ch 8 Review

H Chemistry 10.24.17

Online Jeopardy
Moles Jeopardy

Answers to review
Key – Review for Moles Test