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H Chemistry 8.31.17

Today we did a few more examples of showing how ionic bonds form between metals and nonmetals. Then we did some classwork. After that, we started taking notes on covalent bonding, we will work on that more tomorrow.
Notes Ionic bonding examples and Covalent Bonding 083117

CW ionic bonds

Forensic Science 8.31.17

Today we reviewed for the unit 2 test on fingerprints, hair, and fiber
Unit 2A test review

Forensic Science 8.30.17

Today we completed the hair and fiber review
Hair and Fibers Review Worksheet

H Chemistry 8.30.17

Today we learned about how ionic bonds form.
Notes – Ionic Bonding 083017

Forensic Science 8.29.17

Today we worked on a case study- the Wayne Williams Case from Atlanta. IF you missed class, see me for the article.

FYI – your unit 2 test on fingerprints, hair, and fibers is on Friday, 9/1!

H Chemistry 8.29.17

Today we completed the mystery powder lab – you looked at the physical and chemical properties of 4 substances and then used those the properties to determine what components of a mixture.

H Chemistry 8.28.17

Today we went over the unit test.

We also started unit 2 and talked about matter and properties of matter.

Notes Matter 082817

CW Matter

Forensic Science 8.28

Today we completed 2 labs
4-1: Microscopic Fiber Evidence
4-5: Burn Analysis of Fibers
ch04_act5 adjusted

Forensic Science 8.25.17

On Friday, we completed the chapter reviews for ch 3 on hair evidence and ch 4 on fiber evidence.

H Chemistry 8.25.17

On Friday, you took the unit 1 test on Atomic Theory & Atomic Structure.

For HW, due 8.28, you needed to read the article, “Growing Green on the Red Planet” and answer questions.

Mars Article Questions