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H Chemistry 5.4.17

If you need help with equilibrium, check out this video:
Equilibrium and LeChatelier’s Principle Video

1st period:
We did an equilibrium lab.

We took notes on LeChatelier’s Principle
Notes LeChatelier’s Principle 050417

CW/HW: Due Fri, 5.5

2nd period:
We did an equilibrium lab.

3rd period:
We did an equilibrium lab.

We learned how to do equilibrium calculations. See the notes from 5.3.17 on equilibrium.

CW/HW: Due Friday, 5.5
Finish CW: Keq.
CW Keq

H Chemistry – 5.1.17

Alternative CW for Kinetics that was due today, Monday, 5.1.17. If you didn’t turn it in today, please do the alternative assignment and turn it in by Wednesday, 5.3.17.

1st and 2nd periods: Today we talked about equilibrium. The assignment will appear on the blog tomorrow.