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H Chemistry Final Exam Review Key 5.22.17

Spring 2015 Honors Chemistry Final Review Answers

Bring a pencil or pen and a calculator to the final!

H Chemistry 5.17

Today we review for the unit test.
Unit 6 & 7 Review

Key to review
Key Unit 6 and 7 Test Review

H Chemistry 5.16.17

Today 1st and 3rd periods learned how to calculate pH
Notes pH 051617

CW/HW: Due Wednesday, 5.17
CW pH Calculations

2nd period
Today you took the chemistry SLO. Thank you!

H Chemistry 5.15.17

Today is the last day for after school tutoring!

1st and 3rd periods:
We discussed acids and bases
Notes Acids and Bases 051517

CW/HW: Due Tuesday, 5.11
CW arrhenius bronsted lowery

2nd period:
We discussed colligative properties. Notes are posted on Friday, 5.12 date

CW/HW: Due Tuesday, 5.11
Notes and CWcolligative-properties-1

H Chemistry 5.12.17

If you need a review of kinetics and equilibrium, check these sites out:
Intro to Kinetics: Intro to kinetics
What determines reaction rates: What determines reaction rate
Intro to Equilibrium: Intro to equilibrium
Equilibirum constant: Calculating equilibrium constants
What equilibrium constants tell you: What equilibrium constants tell you

In class, during 1st ad 3rd, we discussed colligative properties
Notes Colligatvie Properties 051217

CW/HW: Due – Monday, 5/15
Notes and CWcolligative-properties-1

2nd period: See yesterday’s notes and classwork- its due Monday.

H Chemistry 5.11.17

Today, in 1st and 3rd periods, we discussed two ways of finding concentration and how to complete a dilution.
Notes Concentration and Dilutions 051117

CW/HW: due Friday, 5.12
CW M, dilutions and m

2nd period- Half the class was taking the AP World History test so we watched some science videos and we will do this on Friday.

H Chemistry 5.10.17

Today we took notes on Solubility
Notes Solubility 051017

CW/HW: Due Friday, 5.11
CW Solubility

CW moreSolubility

IF you are having issues with the homework, check out this video
GPB Chemistry 1002 Solubility

H Chemistry 5.9.17

We took notes on factors that affect the rate of solvation and solutions
Notes Solutions 050917Today we took notes on solutions.

CW/HW:Due Wednesday, 5.10
CW Solutions Introduction

If you are having trouble with the CW/HW, check out this video
GPB Chemistry 1001 Solutions Introduction

H Chemistry 5.8.17

Today students took the unit 7 test on Kinetics and Equilibrium.

They also need to read the article: Sinkholes: Chemistry Goes Deep and respond to questions – DUE Tuesday, 5.9


FRIDAY, 5.12
MONDAY, 5.15

H Chemistry 5.5.17

Here is the key to the unit 7: Kinetics and Equilibrium Review
20170507 Unit 7 Kinetics and Equilibrium Review