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H Chemistry 3.30.17

Today we learned how to calculate the % by mass of an element in a compound.
Notes % Composition 033017

We also did a lab: % Sugar in Gum If you missed it, you can make it up tomorrow in class or after spring break.

CW/HW: Due Friday, 3.31
CW5 % Composition

H Chemistry – 3.29.17

CW/HW Due: 3.30.17
CW4 Combined mole problems


H Chemistry 3.28.17

Today we learned about the relationship between moles and the volume of a gas at STP (standard temperature and pressure) and how to solve combined mole problems.
Notes Moles and Volume and Combined problems 032817


CW/HW: Due Wednesday, 3.29
CW 3 – Particles Volume and the mole and combined problems

H Chemistry 3.27.17

Today we learned the relationship between the mole and the mass of a substance.
Notes Moles and Mass 032717

CW/HW: 3.28
CW 2 mass and the mole


H Chemistry 3.24

Today we discussed the relationship between moles and particles (atoms, molecules, or formula units)
Notes Moles and Particles 032417

CW/HW: Due 3.27
CW 1 Moles and Particles

H Chemistry 3.22.17

Here is the answer key for the unit 4 test review.
Unit 4 Review Answers

H Chemistry 3.21.17

Today we learned how to identify the type of reaction.
Notes Types of chemical reactions 032117

CW/HW: due Wednesday, 3.22
CW Types of Reactions Worksheet

Here’s the review for the unit test
Unit 4 Review – Chemical Reactions

H Chemistry 3.20.17

Since so many of us are having issues writing skeleton equations, we went over that on the the CW from Friday, 3.17. You still need to balance and turn that in.

CW/HW: Dues Tuesday, 3.21
CW More Writing and Balancing Skeleton Equations 4

H Chemistry 3.17.17

Notes Balancing Chemical Equations 031717

CW: Due Monday, 3.20
CW WRiting and balancing skeleton equations

If you are having trouble balancing equations, check out this video.
Beginner’s Guide to Balancing EquationsToday we learned how to balance chemical equations.

H Chemistry 3.16.17

Today we took notes on evidence of a chemical reaction and then we did a lab to observe some of those pieces of evidence.
Notes Evidence of a Chemical Reaction 031617

Lab Evidence of a chemical reaction

We also continued practicing writing skeleton equations.
Due: Friday, 3.17
skeleton equations 2