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H Chemistry 2.28

Today we discussed properties of ionic compounds and also nomenclature for type I ionic compounds.
Notes Properties and type I Binary nomenclature 022817

CW: Due Wed., 3.1
CW Type 1 Nomenclature (1)

H Chemistry 2.27

Today we discussed periodic trends and looked at the graphs and then we did some cw on it. Afterwards we discussed ionic bonding and how to show the ionic bonds form.
Notes Periodic Trends and Ionic Bonding 022717

CW: Due Tuesday, 2.28
CW ionic bonds

Your Element Project is due tomorrow too!

H Chemistry 2.17.17

Today test corrections were made and then students worked on an extra assignment, researching and creating element posters, which are due on Tuesday, 2.28

H Chemistry 2.16.17

Today you took the unit 2 test.

You also have an article to read and questions to answer.
eating with your eyes article questions


HW: Due Friday, 2.17
Watch the Khan Academy video, “Ionic, Covalent, and Metaalic Bonding” and take notes.
Ionic, Covalent, and Metallic Bonding Video

H Chemistry 2.15.17

Today we discussed periodic trends and you graphed 3 of them.
Notes Periodic trends 021517
Periodic Trends Activity

Periodic Trends Data

Here is the unit 2 test review
unit 2 test REVIEW

Here is the key for the unit 2 test review
Unit 2 Test Review KEY

H Chemistry – Flame Test Lab Make Up,13,14/1914

H Chemistry 2.14.17

Hi All,

Today we learned about the organization of the periodic table and you created a graphic organizer of the table.
Blank Periodic Table

Periodic Table Notes 021417

CW/HW: Due Wednesday, 2.15.17
Periodic Table Worksheet

H Chemistry 2.13.17

Today we learned/reviewed how electrons are related to light. See the notes from Friday, 2.10.
How atoms give off light

We did the flame test lab.
Flame Test Lab

CW/HW: Due Tuesday, 2.14.17
CW Electrons and Light


H Chemistry 2.10.17

Today we talked about exceptions to the rules for writing electron configurations and then we discussed what light is in order to connect it to electrons.
Notes electrons and light 021017

Don’t forget we have a lab on Monday!

H Chemistry 2.9.17

Today we discussed writing electron configurations, practice 2 methods of determining the configuration and 2 methods of writing them as well. You may use whichever method suits you best.
Electron configurations notes 020917

CW/HW: due Friday, 2.10
CW Electron Configurations