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H Chemistry 1.31.17

Hello All,

Today we completed the Lab: Aluminum Atoms and you are determining how many atoms thick a piece of aluminum foil is.

HW: due Wed., 2.1 (1st and 2nd only)
Analyze the lab.

We also took notes on Atomic Structure (1st & 3rd)
Notes Atomic Structure 013117

Go to this website below and complete the online lab. Record everything you do and turn it in.
Heat Lab Make Up Assignment

H Chemistry 1.27.17

You took a HW quiz on the GPB Chemistry video #301 – The Development of the Atomic Theroy

Today we started unit 2- Atomic Theory and the Periodic Table. You started researching a scientist who played a role in developing our modern atomic theory. Posters and class timelines will be completed on Monday.

Atomic Theory Timeline

HW: Due Tuesday, 1.31
Watch GPB Chemistry Video #302 The Structure of the Atom and take notes.
GPB Chemistry #302 The Structure of the Atom

H Chemistry 1.25.17 & 1.26.17

On Wednesday, you took the unit 1 test.

HW: Due: Thursday, 1.26
Read article on the Flint Water Crisis and answer questions.

Student Questions Flint Water Crisis

Today, Thursday, we will take the common assessment pre-test and then complete the Energy of a Goldfish Lab.
Energy of a Goldfish lab

HOMEWORK: due Friday, 1.27,
Watch GPB Chemistry video #301- The Development of the Atomic Theory and take notes. Be prepared to use the notes for a HW quiz tomorrow.
GPB Chemistry Video #301- The Development of the Atomic Theory

H Chemistry

Today we went over the CW/HW: Heat Problems from yesterday instead of turning them in. Here is the key
Answer Key Green Heat CW HW

We also practice solving more heat problems in class.
Heat Practice Problems

Answer Key Heat Practice Problems

Here is the study guide for tomorrow’s test.
Review for Unit 1 Test

Here is the answer key for the study guide for the test.
Answer Key Review for Unit 1 Test

If you still need help with heat problems, check out the video I posted yesterday, 1.23.

H Chemistry 1.23.17

Today we took notes on how to calculate heat.
Notes Calculating heat 012317

CW/HW: Due Tuesday, 1.24.17
CWHW – Heat Problems

If you have issues with the work, check out this video
GPB Chemistry video #1301 – Thermochemistry01″>

Remember to dress for lab tomorrow and start studying for your test which is on Wednesday!

H Chemistry 1.20.17

Today we completed a physical and chemical changes lab.

We also discussed the kinetic molecular theory and states of matter and completed classwork.
Notes Kinetic Molecular Theory 012017

KMT States CW

HW: Due Monday, 1/23
Complete lab analysis and the Kinetic Molecular Theory CW

H Chemistry 1.19.17

Today we learned the similarities and differences between 2 types of pure substances and 2 types of mixtures. We performed a tiny chromatography experiment and worked on some CW.

Notes Pure Substances vs Mixtures 011917


H Chemistry 1.18.17

Today we completed the density lab (except 3rd period who did it yesterday).
Density Lab

We also spent time learning and writing a formal lab report for the density lab.
Formal Lab Report Instructionsworth 100 points

Reminder – Unit 1 Test is on Wednesday, 1.25.

H Chemistry 1.17.17

Today we discussed matter, refreshed on physical and chemical properties and changes. We also discussed calculating density.
3rd period completed the density lab as well.

CW Matter Practice

Notes Matter and Density 011717

CW Density

Extra Credit – Find out the name of the 5th state of matter and its definition. Turn in by Thursday, 1.19.17

H Chemistry – 1.13.17

HW: Due Tuesday, 1.17

Watch GPB Chemistry video #202: Classification of Matter and take notes.

GPB 202: Classificaition of Matter

In class, we worked on solving problems and writing the answers in significant figures.
CW Sci Notation and Sig Figs

We also started to discuss matter, and we will pick it back up on Tuesday.