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H Chemistry – 11.15.16

Today we took a HW Quiz on GPB Chemistry video #802. Then you started the stoichiometry lab by doing part 1, part 2 will be tomorrow.

2nd period – worked on solving the stoichiometry practice problems, they are due tomorrow, 11.16.16

3rd period – we went over the stoichiometry practice problems and you received the stoichiometry problems worksheet to solve, due 11.16.16.

H Chemistry 11.14.16

HW: Due – Tuesday, 11.15.16
1. Watch GPB Chemistry video #802 – Mass/Mass Stoichiometry Problems and Percent Yield and take notes!
2. Finish Stoichiometry Practice Problems worksheet started in class. (3rd period) 2nd period should work on identifying which parts of the graphic organizer you would use to solve each problem.

H Chemistry 11.11.16

Today you took the moles test.

homework – due Monday, 11.14.16
Watch GPB Chemistry video # 801 – Mole/Mole and Mole Mass Stoichiometry Problems.

Make sure you have the notes and the lab data sheet completed for class on Monday!

AP Chemistry 11.9.16

Today, you finished the kinetics test, we went over it and the solutions test from last unit.

Homework: Read Ch 15.1 – 15.4 for Thursday, 11.10

AP Chemistry -11.7.16

Today you took the Kinetics Test, we will finish tomorrow and start working on equilibrium on Wednesday.