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H Chemistry 11.29.16

Today we talked about interpreting solubility graphs and factors that affect how fast a solute dissolves

We did an activity with chocolate kisses to see some of those factors first hand.

CW: Due Wednesday, 11.20

Also, make sure you have completed the worksheets: Solubility Graphs and More on Solubility from the packet you received before Thanksgiving break!

AP Chemistry 11.29.16

Titration notes

CW/HW: p.760-761 #28,30,33,34,36,38,40,42,44,46
Due Wednesday, 11.30

AP Chemistry 11.28.16

We took notes on how common ions affect equilibrium and what buffers are

HW: due Tuesday, 11.29
p759 – 760 #14, 16, 22, & 26

H Chemistry 11.28.16

Today we took a HW Quiz, using notes, of GPB Chemistry videos #1001, 1002, 1003.

Then we took notes on Solutions and which solutes can dissolve in which solvents, or “like dissolves like”.

The worksheet: Solutions Introduction should be completed BEFORE you come in tomorrow. It was part of the packet you received over break but if you need it again, here it is:

AP Chemistry 11.18.16

Homework: Due Monday, 11.28.16

Read chapeter 17.1 – 17.3

Complete the practice test. I know there are items on the practice test we haven’t gone over yet, you an try them but I will not hold you accountable for them.

Happy Thanksgiving!

H Chemistry – 11.18.16

Homework: Due Monday, 11.28.16

Watch the following GPB Chemistry videos and complete the video notes and worksheets in your packet.

#1001 – Solutions

#1002 – Solubility

#1003 – Molarity and Colligative Properties

If you don’t have the instructions for the analysis for the Stoichiometry Lab (2nd period), here they are. It is due on Monday, 11.28.

Analysis – You need to show all your work to get credit!!!
1. Find the actual yield of silver: Subtract the mass of the empty beaker from the mass of the beaker + silver crystals.
2. Find the theoretical yield of silver, this is a limiting reactant problem:
a. Find the mass of Cu that reacted by subtracting the (mass of the copper after the reaction) from the( mass of the copper) before the reaction.
b. Using that answer from 2a as your given, complete all 3 parts of a stoichiometry problem to determine the mass of silver theoretically produced from that copper.
c. Find the mass of AgNO3 that reacted by subtracting the (mass of the empty vial) from the (mass of the vial + AgNO3).
d. Using that answer from 2c as your given, complete all 3 parts of a stoichiometry problem to determine the mass of silver theoretically produced from the AgNO3.
e. Which answer is smaller, your answer from 2b or your answer from 2d? Whichever answer is smaller is your theoretical yield!
f. Find the % yield = (actual yield/theoretical yield) x 100.

AP Chemistry 11.17.16

You worked on the study guide for the equilibrium/acid-base equilibria test

Here are the answers.

Happy Birthday Joey!!!

H Chemistry 11.17.16

We worked on the study guide for the stoichiometry test.

Answers to the study guide can be found here. Study for your test tonight!!!

H Chemistry 11.16.16

We did part 2 of our lab.

We took notes on limiting reactants.

CW/HW: due Thurday, 11.17

AP Chemistry 11.16.16

We took notes on acid base equilibria. The homework is on the last page of the notes, it’s due Thursday, 11.17.