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H Chemistry 9.23.16

Today was the unit 3 test.

Homework: Read the article, “Sugar: an Unusual Explosion” and answer questions. Due Monday, 10/3.

AP Chemistry 9.23.16

We talked about Dalton’s Law of Partial Pressure and solving problems when a gas is collected over water. The homework is on the last page of the notes.

AP Chemistry 9.22.16

Today we discussed the ideal gas law and how to solve problems.

CW/HW p. 429 #36, 38, 40, 42, 44
Due Friday, 9.23

H Chemistry 9.22.16

Today we did a scavenger hunt review game.

Here is the answer key for the unit 3 review.

Test tomorrow – study!!!

AP Chemistry 9.21.16

Today you finished the unit 3 test.

We started on gas laws, here are the notes.

Homework: Due Thursday, 9.22
Read Chapter 10

Complete p.428 #20, 25, 26, 27, & 28

H Chemistry – 9.21.16

Today we did a lab on Lewis Structures and Molecular Geometry.

We also worked on the review for the unit 3 test, which is on Friday!

AP Chemistry 9.20.16

Today we took the unit 3 test.

Homework: Read chapter 10 on Gases.

H Chemistry 9.20.16

Today, we reviewed and practiced writing Lewis Structures. We did the following 6 structures in class (for a grade)
1. CH2Cl2
2. NH3
3. H2S
4. C2H4
5. C2H6
6. N2

We also discussed moving from a Lewis Structure to the molecules 3-D molecular geometry based on the VSEPR theory (See the power point from yesterday.).
We then determine the molecular geometry for the molecules above.

We have a lab tomorrow.

AP Chemistry 9.19.16

Today you guys picked random test questions from a container and answered them as a group.
Here are the correct answers to it. You guys did really well.

Here are some more questions to practice tonight


H Chemistry 9.19.16

Today we discussed properties of ionic compounds and how to draw Lewis structures for covalent compounds. See the power point from Friday, 9.16.


CW/HW due Tuesday, 9.20