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H Chemistry 8.22.16

2nd period

Today we learned how to draw orbital diagrams of the electrons in an atom.
Electron arrangement notes 082216

This was the classwork
CW Orbital Diagrams

3rd period
Today, we reviewed how to use the periodic table to write electron configurations for elements and learned an alternative way using the diagonal rule.
Diagonal Rule notes 082216

We also worked on the electron probability lab which you need to finish analyzing for homework!.


Flame Test Lab on Wednesday – Dress appropriately!

Unit Test 1 is on Friday, 8/26.

AP Chemistry 8.22.16

Today was test day, we will finish the test tomorrow morning and then work on analyzing the gravimetric analysis lab.

AP Chemistry – Friday 8/19/16

Today we did a lab: gravimetric analysis of an unkonwn metal carbonate. We will finish on Monday.

Homework: Study for your unit test! Answers to the review will be posted to the blog on Sunday. If you have any questions, text or call me.

H Chemistry – 8.16.16

2nd period: We completed the beanium lab, make sure it is turned in tomorrow morning if you haven’t turned it in yet! We started talking about nuclear chemistry and will continue tomorrow!

Beanium Lab (Average Atomic Mass)

Nuclear Chemistry

3rd period: We finished the video on the Fukushima nuclear disaster and started taking notes on electrons and light. We will work some more on that tomorrow!