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AP Chemistry – Summer Assignment for Fall 2016 Students

AP Chemistry Summer Assignment

It’s due on the first Friday after school starts!

H Chemistry Final Exam Review Key

Spring 2016 Final Exam Review Key Part 1

Spring 2016 Final Exam Review Key Part 2

H Chemistry – Week of 5/16

I hope everyone is studying hard for their final exams! We have been reviewing in class and will continue to review in class until test day!

Good luck to all seniors on their finals!

H Chemistry – Spring 2016 Final Exam Review

Spring 2016 Honors Chemistry Final Review

H Chemistry – Friday’s Stuff

Here are the answers to the kinetics and equilibrium test review

Kinetics and Equilibrium Test review Key

H Chemistry – Thursday’s work

Today, we worked on our equilibrium skills!

Equilibrium 2 Packet

If you are having a hard time reading the article in the packet above, here is a better copy.


H Chemistry – Wednesday’s info

We watched GPB Video #1202 and took notes. Then we complete the following worksheets.

Stoichiometry Lab Make Up

Go to the site above and watch the video. Then click on the practice linc at the bottom of the page and complete it. Turn it in.

H Chemistry – Monday’s Info

Here are the notes we took in class today.

Reaction Rates Notes

H Chemistry- Homework due Monday, 5/9

Watch GPB Chemistry video #1201 – Reaction Rates and take notes

Here is the article you received after the test on Friday. Questions due on Monday.

Student Questions demystifying gross stuff

H Chemistry – Missed a lab this week?

Here is a make up for the pH lab we did in class on Monday.

If you missed the neutralization of a soda lab on Wednesday, here is a make up for that