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H Chemistry – Wednesday’s Info

In class you should have worked on this review

moles test review 2016

Here are the answers to the review to help you STUDY for your test, which is on THURSDAY, 3/31.

20160330 Review For Moles Test

H Chemistry – review for test done in class today

Formula reaction review

H Chemistry – Monday Musings

We reviewed our unit with a station activity. Here it is.

moles review stations

AP Chemistry Gases and States of Matter – IMFs

Watch these Khan Academy videos! Due Monday, 4/4! No exceptions

H Chemistry – Friday’s info

We took notes on calculating empirical and molecular formulas
Notes Empirical and Molecular Formulas

We finished the cw passed out yesterday and worked on the molecular formulas worksheets as well.

CW2 % comp EF and MF

CW Molecular Formulas

HChemistry- HW

Watch GPB chemistry video #703 and take notes.

AP Chemistry – Thursday’s work

H Chemistry – Thursday’s info

We revisited notes on % Composition and did classwork (Only the % composition part). We also did a lab to determine the % sugar in gum.

Notes % Composition

CW2 % comp EF and MF

% sugar in gum activity

H Chemistry – Tuesday’s work

We worked on combining mole problems into two steps

Mole Map

CW3 combined mole problems

H Chemistry – HW for Wednesday & Thursday

For Wednesday, 3/23

Dress for lab on Wednesday,closed toes shoes and cover your legs!

For Thursday, 3/24

Watch GPB Chemistry video #702 – Percentage Composition and Empirical Formulas and take notes.