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H Chemistry- power point & CW for Monday, 11/30

Unit Acids and Bases

CW arrhenius bronsted lowery

H chemistry – Homework due Monday, 11/30

Watch GPB Chemistry Video #1101 Introduction to Acids, Bases, and Salts and take notes

H Chemistry – Notes and CW from Thursday, 11/19


molarity molality notes


Molarity molality CW

H Chemistry – Notes from Wednesday, 11/18 + CW


Solubility notes

CW: The front side with the graph is the CW. You may complete the other side for extra credit.


H Chemistry – Solutions Work + Notes from Tuesday, 11/17

Here are the assignments completed today. Notes will appear here this afternoon.

GPB 1001 Solutions Questions from notes

Activator Factors Affecting Dissolution Kisses

Solubility graph


Today’s Notes

Solutions notes

H Chemistry – GPB Chemistry videoes

H Chemistry – Year to Date Review + Key

Year to Date Review Key

Year to Date REview

H Chemistry – Answers to test review

20151111 Unit 6 Stoichiometry Review Key

H Chemistry – Assignments this week + Review for test

Here are the assignments done this week and the review for the unit test on stoichiometry. The answers to the review will be on the blog later today.

Notes we took in class:
Stoichiometry Notes

More Stoichiometry Notes

CW stoichiometry problems

Stoichiometry Practice

Limiting Reactant Lab

Unit 6 Test Review – Stoichiometry

H Chemistry – Stoichiometry got you confused? Check this site out!