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H Chemistry – notes from Thursday, 10/29

Particles, Volume, and the mole notes

H Chemistry – CW 2 & 3, and review from Tues., 10/27

Here is CW2: % composition, empirical and molecular formulas

CW2 % comp EF and MF

Here is CW3: Particles, Volume of a Gas, and the Mole from Thursday, 10/29

CW 3 – Particles Volume and the mole

Here is the review from when I was absent on Tuesday, 10/27 – This applies to 3rd and 4th periods only!
Absent 1027 3rd and 4th

H Chemistry – % Composition CW

Doing #1 – 5,

CW2 % comp EF and MF

H Chemistry – Extra Practice if you need it!

How to solve mole calculations

Practice Sheets

Click on the molar mass worksheet and the mole calculations worksheet on this page:

Still need practice with skeleton equations?

practice skeleton eqns

CW from Wednesday, 10/21

CW 1 mass and the mole

H Chemistry – HW due Monday, 10/26

Watch GPB Chemistry video #702: Percentage Composition and Empirical Formulas and take notes

H Chemistry – HW due 10/22

Watch the GPB chemistry video #701 and take notes.

H Chemistry- Unit 4 Review Key

Unit 4 Review Key

H Chemistry – Review for unit 4 test- Chemical Reactions

Unit 4 Review – Chemical Reactions

H Chemistry – Types of Reactions web quest


2nd period Due: Thursday, 10/22

3rd and 4th period Due: Tuesday, 10/20