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H Chemistry – HW due Friday, 10/2

Watch GPB #602: Writing Molecular Formulas and an Introduction to Organic Compounds and take notes.

H Chemistry – Notes from Monday,9/28 + Tuesday, 9/29

Here are the notes we did in class yesterday.

Polyatomic Ion Chart

Class Notes 092815

Today, we will discuss type II Ionic Nomenclature, which deals with transition metals in ionic compounds. The CW for that is below.

CW Type II Nomenclature

Class Notes 092915

H Chemistry – CW from Monday, 9/28

CW Type 1 Nomenclature (1)

Above is the CW from today- Type I Ionic Nomenclature.

Tomorrow I will post today’s notes in case you missed/lost them

H Chemistry – due Monday, 9/28

I hope everyone has a wonderful break and comes back refreshed and ready to learn!

Homework: Due Monday, 9/28
Watch the GPB video #601: Ionic Formula Writing and take notes.

Also, if you lose your bonding review sheet, here it is. Make sure it’s done.
Chemical Bonding review

H Chemistry – HW due: Thursday, 9/17 + CW

Watch GPB Chemistry video #503- Molecular Geometry and take notes.

CW VSEPR_Worksheet

H Chemistry – Extra Credit

Create a 3-D model of one of the molecules below. You may use any safe household items you choose to do so. Either take a picture with it (that means you and the model are both in the picture) or bring it to class.

extra credit

H Chemistry – Tuesday, 9/15 CW/HW

CW covalent bonds

H Chemistry – Power point & CW

Here is the power point for this week on Bonding

Chemical Bonding

3rd & 4th periods
Here is the notes on Lewis Structures and CW/HW from today.

2nd period
We will do this tomorrow
CW ionic bonds

Lewis Structures Notes

H Chemistry – Article HW and Video to Watch

Here is the article on fermentable foods and questions if you have lost yours. It’s due Monday, 9/14.

Fermentable Foods Article

Student Questions Frementable Foods

Also, please watch the Khan Academy video on the Introduction to Ionic, Covalent, and Metallic Bonding. Take notes.

H Chemistry – Unit 2 Test Review Questions + Key

Unit 2 Test is on Friday, 9/11/15!

Unit 2 Test Review

unit 2 Test Review Key