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A.P. Chemistry – For Monday, 5/4

I will have breakfast ready for you at 6:50.
You have to be at Skyview at 7:45.
5805 Dunn Rd. Mableton, GA


H Chemistry – Thursday, 4/30 CW & HW

In class, we will complete this assignment:
CW arrhenius bronsted lowery

Homework: Due Fri., 5/1
Watch GPB Video #1102 and take notes


H Chemistry – Today’s work, 4/29/15

Watched GPB video #1101: Introduction to Acids, Bases, and Salts and took notes.

Homework will be to Complete the Acids, Bases, and Salts worksheet.

We also did the solutions review worksheet.
Solutions Review

H Chemistry- HW due Tuesday, 4/28

For all 1st period and those 4th period students NOT in class on Friday, 4/24.

Watch the GPB video #1002 – Solubility and take notes.

H Chemistry- Notes and Today’s assignments

Activator Factors Affecting Dissolution Kisses

Solutions Notes and Molarity CW

H Chemistry – The Rest of the Assignments for Kinetics, Thermodynamics, and Equilibrium Unit

Reactions Rates CW

Equilibrium Notes

H Chemistry – HW due Thur, 4/23

Watch GPB Chemistry video #1001: Solutions: A Special Type of Mixture” and take notes. Then complete the GPB Worksheet: Solutions Introduction.


Video Notes


Honors Chemistry- Answers to today’s test review

Kinetics, Thermodynamics, and Equilibrium Review Test Answers

Test Review Answers

Honors Chemistry – Equilibrium Notes

Equilibrium Notes

A.P. Chemistry – Missed class on Wed., 4/15?

Here’s a power point to look over.

Solutions ppt

HW Due Thursday, 4/16

p.565-566 #14, 16, 20, 22, 24, 28, 30, 31, 34, 40, 44b + d, 46a + c, 50a + d, 53b