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H Chemistry – Answers to the in-class review today

Answer Key to Wed 12:17 Review

H Chemistry- Answers to Final Exam Study Guide- Part ONE

Fall 2014 Honors Chemistry Final Review Answer Key

Fall 2014 Honors Chemistry Final Exam Review Answer Key Part 2

H Chemistry – Moles-Stoichiometry Review Jepoardy ?s

moles stoichiometry review

Answers will appears tonight!

Honors Chemistry- Finals Review from Friday, 12/12

Review nomenclature reactions

Answers will appear this weekend!

Make sure your are working on your final exam study guide you received in class last week!

As promised, here is the answer key.

Review-nomenclature-reactions answer key

H Chemistry- Solutions & Acid/Base Review Answer Key

Solutions Acid Base Answer Key 20141210

H Chemistry- GPB Video #1102- Indicators and pH

Watch the video and take notes!

H Chemistry – Video #1101

H Chemistry- videos #1002 & 1003

Here is the video link for Tuesday’s video on Solubility. You also had to complete the solubility graphs worksheet and the more on solubility worksheet.

Here is the video link for Wednesday’s video on molarity and colligative properties. You will also be doing the colligative properties lab and the molarity worksheet.

H Chemistry- GPB Video #1001

4th Period- Finish watching GPB Video #1001 and taking notes. Complete the Solutions Introduction worksheet. Both the video notes and the worksheet are due tomorrow.

All other periods, the video is for you reference, since we finished it in class.

H Chemistry Final Exam Review

Fall 2014 Honors Chemistry Final Review-1