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A.P. Chemistry 2014-2015: SUMMER ASSIGNMENT

Summer Assignment

Here is your summer assignment. Please make sure to complete it and turn it in before the 2nd day of class. Each day late takes off 20%!

A.P. Chemistry – final exam practice problems part TWO

AP Practice problems part B

H Chemistry Final Exam Review

Spring 2014 Honors Chemistry Final Review

A.P. Chemistry – Final Exam Practice Problems

Here is Part ONE of the practice problems for the final exam. Does this mean every single question will be represented on the final? Of course not! But they can come from any one of the topics we studied so better safe than sorry!

AP Final Exam Practice

A.P. Chemistry – final exam review topics

Wow, it’s amazing how much information we were able to cover this semester. You all should be proud of all that you CAN do!

Here are all the topics covered in class. Practice problems will appear soon!

AP Chemistry Final Review Topics

H Chemistry- Answer Key to Solutions and Acids/Bases Review

Solutions and Acid Bases Key 201405

Honors Chemistry – Review for Solutions & Acids/Bases Test on Monday, 5/5

Solutions Acids and Bases Review

Answers for review will be posted on Sunday!