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A.P. Chemistry – Answers to Gases Review

Answers to Gases Review

H Chemistry- Review for Test

H Chemistry Reactions and Heat Review

Answers below:

Honors Chemistry – Reactions & Heat Review 20140325

AP Chemistry – Lab Notebook Format

H Chemistry: Packet to make up missed days

Here is your packet of work to make up for days missed to the snow/ice storms. The work is considered a test grade.

The packet is due: Friday, 4/11/14.

Chemistry Packet

H Chemistry – Nomenclature Worksheet

Nomenclature Worksheet

H chemistry – HW due Friday, 3/14

Watch GPB Chemistry video #604:Word Equations and Balancing and take notes

H Chemistry- Flowcharts for Nomenclature



H Chemistry- review for 3/7/14

Go to this website:

Scroll down to where it says nomenclature and complete the following:

Mixed #1, #2, & #3.

AP Chemistry – Hybrid Orbitals ppt

hybrid orbitals

AP Chemistry – Molecular Geometry ppt – ch 9

chapter9-Molecular geometry

chapter9-Molecular geometry part 2