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H Chemistry – HW Video for Thermochemistry

Here’s the thermochemistry video for HW. Due Tuesday, December 3rd!

Final Exam Review! Hot off the Presses


In case you want to get a good head start, here is the review for your final exam. Of course, there is stuff on it that we will cover in the last 3 weeks of classes so some you may not have seen yet!

Fall 2013 Honors Chemistry Final Review

And here again are the flow charts for writing names and formulas!



H Chemistry- Stoichiometry Test Review

Stoichiometry Test Review- Here are some practice problems to work on while you study tonight!

Stoichiometry Test Review

And here are the answers to the review.

Stoichiometry Test Review

H Chemistry – Stoichiometry tutorial

Check out the famous Mr Guch and his stoichiometry tutorial!

And here is an interesting video for stoichiometry!

H Chemistry- HW video #802

H Chemistry- HW video

#801 – “Mole/Mole and Mole/Mass Stsoichiometry Problems:

H Chemistry – Moles Review Answer KEY

Moles Unit Review 20131114

H Chemistry -tutorials for % Composition, Empirical & Molecular Formulas

% Composition

Empirical and Molecular Formulas

H Chem- CW

Lab- What is a mole

CW 1 – Atoms and the mole

CW 2 mass and the mole

CW 3- combined mole problems

CW4 % comp EF and MF

H Chemistry – Moles Tutorial

Check out this site for a step by step tutorial on mole calculations!