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Honors Chemistry – HW Videos – Bonding and Nomenclature Unit 4

Here are the links to the HW videos- sorry for the delay. You should be able to copy and paste the links and the video will pop up. If not, go to and the videos are numbered #501, 502, 601, 602, and 603.

Introduction to Bonding

The World of Atoms Is Not Enough

Ionic Formula Writing

Writing Molecular Formulas & an Introduction to Organic Molecules

Naming Compounds

Honors Chemistry – Review for Nuclear Chemistry & Periodic Table Test

Here is the review and the answer key as well. Good luck on the test tomorrow!

Unit Test Review

Unit Test Review Answers

Review Game

Honors Chemistry – Elements Videos, Test, and Element Project

Here are the videos we watched today on how the elements are created and where they are found!

Periodic Table and Nuclear Chemistry Test is on Friday, 9/27!

Element Projects are due on Monday, 9/30!

Honors Chemistry – Element Brochure/Windsock


Honors Chemistry – Periodic Table power point

Unit 2C The Periodic Table and Periodicity

Honors Chemistry

Homework Videos:

Organization of the Periodic Table

Periodic Trends

Honors Chemistry –

Here are the answers to the test review you received today…


Honors Chemistry – Kinetic Molecular Theory Power Point

Please print out or take notes on this power point for class tomorrow!

The Kinetic Molecular Theory

Honors Chemistry – Unit 2 Worksheets

CW Electrons and Light

Timeline Assignment

Atomic Structure Practice Worksheet

CW Electron Configurations

KMT Classwork