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Honors Chemistry – Review for Matter Re-test

If you need/want to re-take the matter test because you earned less than 80%, then you can check out this website to help you review.

Remember, tutoring is on Tuesdays from 7:30 – 7:55am and Thursdays from 3:35 – 5:00pm and by appointment.

Honors Chemistry – Atoms and States of Matter

Hi Guys,

Below is a link for the Atomic Theory Timeline if you did not finish it in class. Remember, it is due on Tuesday!

Timeline Assignment

Also, here are the Power Points for the first part of the unit!

Atomic Theory & the Periodic Table

Electron Configurations

Honors Chemistry – Videoes for Unit 2- Atoms & States of Matter The development of the atomic theory The structure of the atom Electrons in the atom Electron Distribution

Honors Chemistry – power point and agenda

Hello All,

Below are links for the Matte power point and the agenda for the unit.

Agenda Unit 1 Agenda

Matter Power Point Matter and Change- PHysical

New Unit – Matter

On Tuesday, after the Common Assessment Pre-test, we will start Unit 1- Matter. Below are links to the videos for homework. Remember to take notes on the videos and bring them to class the next day!

Physical and Chemical Properties and Changes Due: Wednesday, 8/21/13 –

Classification of Matter Due: Thursday, 8/22/13 –

Separation of Mixtures Due: Due Friday, 8/23/13 –

Honors Chemistry – Test Review

Here is the answer key to the test review your received on Friday. If you have any questions, ask before the test on Monday!

Scientific Method and Lab Skills Test Review

Honors Chemistry – Lab Equipment & Uses & Safety PPT

Working with Chemicals

Honors Chemistry – Homework #2

Hi Guys,

Here is the link for the 2nd video, it’s a quick review of the metric system and significant figures. Please take notes on the video for Monday.

Also, check a few posts back for the power point on the math review for Monday as well.

Honors Chemistry

Hello All,

I hope you are enjoying the start of honors chemistry.

I have attached the notes we took in class of the scientific method in case you need to see them again.

Scientific Method inclass Notes

Honors Chemistry Unit 0 – Scientific Method & Lab Skills Part 2

In this post, you can find the agenda for the unit and the power points you can peruse or print out.

Unit 0 Agenda

Scientific Method PPT

Lab Equipment, Use &, Safety

Math Review PPT