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Unit 5- Reactions!

Hello All,

Attached you will find the entire unit’s worth of assignments and power points. If you lose your assignments, you can print it off of here!

assignment sheet unit 1

CW 1 and 2 writing and balancing equations

CW 3 balancing equations

Classwork 4


Evidence of chemical reactions ppt

Unit 5A- 1Writing Chemical Equations

UNIT 5A- 2Balancing Chemical Equations

Unit 5A 3Types of Chemical Reactions

Test moved to Friday, 3.22.13

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am still sick with this lovely stomach virus and will be out on Wednesday as well. The bonding and nomenclature test is postponed until Friday. I should be back by Thursday to review.

Please continue to finish the work you received today and the work you will receive tomorrow. Both are great reviews for the test.

2nd period – we will go over names and formulas for acids on Thursday.

Assignments for Unit 4 – Bonding and Nomenclature

Unit 4 assignment sheet

CW and HW

HW1 Choice Bonding Assignments

HW 2- Nomenclature

Flame Test Virtual Lab

At the website above, you will find a printable lab sheet to write on while you do the lab on the site.

Unit 4- Bonding and Nomenclature (Names & Formulas) Power Points

Unit 4 Chemical Bonding

Unit 3B Nomenclature[1]

Unit 3B- Type III and Acidic Compounds