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Electrons and Light Power Point

Here’s the power point for today and Thursday!

UNIT 3- Electrons and Light!

Friday- we are doing the Flame Test lab so dress appropriately!

Tuesday, 3/5 – Unit 3 Test!

Power Point to go with CW #4- Periodic Table and Periodic Trends

The Periodic Table

Above is the power point to go with CW #4.

If you are away this week, make sure CW #4 is complete. Also go through the unit 3 power point (the original from last week’s post) on electron configurations and complete CW #2.

Unit 3 Packet: Atomic Theory and Periodic Table

Assignment Sheet

Unit 3 Homework

Basic Atomic Structure Worksheet

CW 2 Electron Configurations

CW 3 Electrons and Light

CW 4 PT and Trends

Onlevel flame test lab

Atomic Theory and Periodic Table Power Point

Atomic Theory & the Periodic Table

Nuclear Chemistry Power Points and Videoes

Power Points

Nuclear Chemistry

Nuclear Chemistry part 2

How did the elements form?

What is a supernova?