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Heat Power Point

We will be having a lab on Friday, 2/1! Be prepared, dress appropriately!

quantifying heat

Power Points for Unit 2: Matter, Kinetic Molecular Theory and Nuclear Chemistry


quantifying heat

Pure Substances

Solids and the Kinetic Molecular Theory

Math Review Power Point

Math Review PPT

Power Point for Matter

Matter Changes- Chemical

Matter and Change- PHysical

Unit 2 – Here we GO!!!!

Good Morning All!

Linked to this post, you can find the assignments for unit 2 on Matter, Kinetic Molecular Theory and Nuclear Chemistry. CW #1- the questions for the World of Chemistry video on states of matter is online at this site:

The World of Chemistry video can be found at this website:
Click on the VoD button for A Matter of State and the video should pop up in a new window and start.

Matter Assignment Sheet


CW2 Matter


CW 3 continued

CW 4 nuclear

Chemistry Quiz Review!

Go here:

Good luck! See you tomorrw for the quiz!

Remember, there is tutoring Thursday morning at 7:45 if you need it!

PTSA Open House

PTSA Open House is on Wednesday, January 24th at 6:30 pm. Bring your parents!!!!

Lab Safety and Equipment Power Point

Lab Equipment, Use &, Safety

Scientific Method Power Point

Scientific Method PPT

Chemistry & Honors Chemistry – Welcome

Welcome to thw Wonderful World of Chemistry! On this blog, which is updated weekly, you will find information such as the syllabus and notes from class and assignments, just in case you lose them from class. Occasionally, you may find some extra credit assignments on here as well.

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