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Chemistry/ Honors Chemistry

Hi Everyone!

Attached you will find the Final Exam Review power point we are using in class and the 1st two review classworks we are working on. These classworks are graded.

Final Exam in Class Review

Final Exam in class review 2

Final Exam Review in class

Chemistry/ Honors Chemistry – Review Power Point for Final Exam

Good Morning Everyone!

Here is the power point I will be using while we review for your Final Exam. Remember, it’s 20% of your grade so paying attention in class is in your best interests. If you exempt the final exam, it is still in your best interest to pay attention because the work done in class is still graded.

Chemistry/ Honors Chemistry – Power Point for Solutions

Unit 10 Solutions and Acids Bases

Chemisrty/ Honors Chemisty – due TODAY, 12/10/12

The following items are due today:

1. Unit 9- Kinetic Molecular Theory & Energy Take Home Quiz
2. Unit 9 Packet- completed
3. Honors only- Formal Lab Report for Energy in a Marshmallow Lab

Chemistry/Honors Chemistry- Unit 10- Solutions and Acids & Bases

Good Morning All!

Here is all the work for our last unit together!

Assignment Sheet HONORs

HW1 Solutions

CW 1 Molarity and Molality

Colligative Properties

CW 3 arrhenius bronsted lowery

CW 4 pH