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Chemistry & Honors Chemistry – KMT & Energy Power Point

The Kinetic Molecular Theory

Chemistry & Honors Chemistry – KMT & Energy Unit

Hello All!

Below are links to the Kinetic Molecular Theory and Energy Unit we are starting Wednesday, 11/28.

KMT & Energy assignments



CWHW – Heat Problems

Types of Solids Worksheet

Chemistry & Honors Chemistry

Here are the answers to the stoichiometry review I posted to the blog last week.

Stoichiometry Review Answers 1

Chemistry – Review for Stoichiometry Quiz

Here’s a review for the Stoichiometry Quiz!

Answers will appear on the blog on Monday evening!

Stoichiomety Review for Quiz Onlevel

Honors Chemistry – Review for Stoichiometry Quiz

Here’s a review for Tuesday’s Quiz!

Answers will appear on the blog on Monday evening!

Stoichiomety Review for Quiz

Final Exam Review

Hello All!

I hope everyone has had a wonderful Thanksgiving Break and you are well rested! Attached is the review for the final exam that will be held on December 19th or 20th.

Final Exam review Part 1

Final Exam Review Part 2

Honors Chemistry – Extra Credit S’Mores!!!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, those of you who signed up to bring ingredients for our limiting reactant lab need to bring them by Tuesday, 11/13 at the latest!!!!!
What we need:
Regular Graham Crackers
Mini Marshmallows
Small (4-square) Hershey Bars

Below is a list of who is bringing what:

1st period
Ashley – Graham Crackers
Sereyla – Graham Crackers
Sunsearain – Marshmallows
Richard – Marshmallows
Taylor – Marshmallows
Aye – Chocolate
Simone – Marshmallows
Marcus – Graham Crackers
Destiny – Marshmallows
Xtreme – Graham Crackers
Mary – Napkins
Amber – Graham Crackers
Diana – Chocolate
Ashlynn – Chocolate
ALberto – Paper Plates

4th Period
Ansley – Marshmallows
Shuntez – Graham Crackers
Ashleigh – Graham Crackers
Richard – Chocolate
Marlen – Marshmallows
Marieli – Chocolate
Teresa – Chocolate
Dedria – Marshmallows
Paige – Paper Towels
Sarah – Graham Crackers
D’Andre – Graham Crackers
Torrie – Chocolate
Austyn – Paper plates
Maddie – MArshmallows
Jennifer J – Graham Crackers
Jenna – Chocolate
Daisy – Marshmallows
Chanelle – Graham Crackers
Kayla – Cups
Drayton – Hand Sanitizer
Maggie – Juice
Bryan – Juice
Jordan – Sandwich baggies
CJ – Disposable tablecloth

Chemistry – Unit 8- Stoichiometry

Hello Chemistry People,

Below are the links to the new unit we are starting on Monday, 11/12. I’ve posted them in case you lose them, you can just print them outfor yourself.

Onlevel assignment sheet

CW Onlevel

HW – onlevel

Honors Chemistry

Honors Chemistry Peeps,

Here is the Stoichiometry Assignment Packet, just incase you lose the one given to you in class. It also includes the calendar to let you know what will be happening and when!


HW – honors

limiting reactant HW 2 honots

Chemistry/Honors Chemistry – Stoichiometry Power Points

Hello All,

Here is the 1st power point for Unit 8- Stoichiometry. Also to be added will be the packets for the unit as well.