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H Forensic Science 8.16.19

Today you processed a crime scene as a team. Make sure the notes, evidence log, & finished sketch are ready to be turned in on Monday! We didn’t have time for the weekly quiz today so it will be on Monday!

H Forensic Science 8.15.19

Yesterday and today we took notes on crime scene processing. Tomorrow you guys will process a crime scene. You also have a weekly quiz tomorrow!

H Forensic Science 8.13.19

Today we reviewed the differences between individual and class evidence and completed the Lab on Types of Evidence. Then we started to take notes on crime labs and forensic scientists. We will finish those on Thursday.

H Forensic Science 8.12.19

Today you peer- reviewed each other’s finished sketches and handed them back to adjust. They are due tomorrow. We also took notes on physical evidence.

HW: Due Thursday, 8.15 – Read Chapter 3 and answer the MC questions online.

H Forensic Science 8.9.19

You worked on creating a final sketch from a rough sketch. It is due on Monday.

You also need to read Chapter 2 in the online textbook and complete the multiple choice assignment in your calendar.

H Forensic Science 8.8.19

Today you created mini-crime scenes on your desk and then creating a rough draft of the scene, in the Death on a Desk activity. Tomorrow we will work on drawing finished sketches.

H Forensic Science 8.7.19

Today you got access to the online textbook. Please take the time to log on to and check out the system. Become familiar with it. Then we took notes on taking notes and sketching a crime scene.

H Forensic Science 8.6.19

Today we took some notes on the history of forensic science – how materials can get exchanged during physical contact and law of admissibility of evidence in court. You also completed Locard’s Exchange Principle lab.

H Forensic Science 8.5.19

Today you worked and finished the CSI Lab: A Case of Deductive Reasoning. Great job in piecing together the evidence into a timeline and determining suspects, means, and motive.

H Forensic Science 8.1.19 – 8.2.19

What an awesome start to our semester! On Thursday, we went over pertinent information for the class and you worked in teams on solving a bank robbery from the clues your were given. On Friday, we discussed the differences between inductive and deductive reasoning and you started working in pairs to solve the murder from the case study. We will finish it on Monday! Have a great weekend!