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H Chemistry 5.20.19

H Chemistry/ AP Chemistry 12.20.16

Please return your textbooks to room 232 (upstairs hallway above the cafe)!!!!

AP Chemistry 12.15.16

Answer key to Thermodynamics and Electrochemistry Study Guide

AP Chemistry 12.14.16

Today we talked about cells in nonstandard conditions. Homework is on the last page of the notes, due Thursday, 12.15.


AP Chemistry 12.13.16

Today we talked about how voltaic cells work. Homework is on the last page, due tomorrow along with yesterday’s homework.

AP Chemistry 12.9.16

Today we discusses Gibbs Free Energy and its relation to enthalpy and entropy

Homework is on the last page of the notes, due Monday, 12.12
FYI- double check the balancing on the equations in 56, a is incorrectly balanced in the book for example! Editing error I suppose.

AP Chemistry 12.8.16

Yesterday, we talked about entropy.entropy-notes-120816

AP Chemistry 12.5.16

We reviewed for the aqueous equilibria test

Here is the key for the review.

Correction on #4c, I fotgot to square the 0.040 before multiplying it to the other side. Please adjust yours if you forgot too!

AP Chemistry – 12.2.16

Today we discussed Ksp and ate cupcakes

Homework is on the last page, due Monday, 12.5

AP Chemistry 11.30 & 12.1

On Wednesday, we finished the notes on titrations

and continued working on the assigned homework from Wednesday. We did the same on Thursday as these are difficult problems