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H Chemistry 1.23.2020

Today we worked on example problems to calculate wavelength, frequency, and energy of light. Then you need to finish the classwork/homework on electrons and light that you received yesterday. If you lost that work, check out yesterday’s blog for a copy.

H Chemistry 1.23.2020

Today you took the SGM Pre-Test. Then we took notes on electrons and light. You do have homework to complete only # 1-13 on the work below. It’s due tomorrow.

H Chemistry 1.17-1.21.2020

On Friday, you took your 2nd weekly quiz. Then we took notes on scientific notation and significant figures. We finished those notes today in class. Then you worked on some CW.

H Chemistry 1.16.2020

Hi Guys, tomorrow you have a weekly quiz. Study up on the following topics: Atomic Mass, Nuclear Chemistry, and Electron Configurations.

H Chemistry 1.15.2020

Today we took notes on nuclear chemistry, how elements are created in stars and how nuclear power works.

H Chemistry 1.14.2020

Today you worked on a lab to calculate the atomic mass of a mythical element beanium.

H Chemistry 1.13.2020

Today we took notes on calculating average atomic mass, practiced some problems and then did classwork/homework.

H Chemistry 1.10.2020

Today you had your first weekly skills check quiz. Then we took notes on isotopes and you worked on atomic structure classwork.

H Chemistry 1.9.2020

Today we went over atomic history and then talked about the structure of an atom. Don’t forget to study for your quiz tomorrow!

H Chemistry 1.8.2020

Today you worked on creating a timeline of the development of the theory of the atom. You used the textbook to research the people, events, and models to put into your timeline. If you need the online textbook in order to finish the timeline tonight, click on the link below.