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H Chemistry 11.14.19

Today we took notes on Gas Laws: Boyle’s, Charles’s, and Avogadro’s. You have Class work to try tonight

H Chemistry 11.13.19

Today we went over the Hess’s Law Practice from yesterday and then you worked on Hess’s Law Classwork

H Chemistry 11.12.19

Yesterday, you learned how to calculate the change in enthalpy (heat) of a chemical reaction by using Hess’s Law. You received some practice that we will go over in the next class before you receive class work.

H Chemistry 11.11.19

On Monday, I was also out. You worked on heat problems. I am back today!

H Chemistry & H Forensic Science 11.7.19 – 11.8.19

I was out at a conference on Thursday and Friday. I hope you did the work I left for you to complete! Some of it was review and some of it is a preview of stuff to come!

H Chemistry 11.6.19

H Chemistry 11.1.19

On Thursday and Friday, we discussed thermochemistry, specifically, calculating heat given off or absorbed during a chemical or physical process. On Friday, we also talked about how to use heat in calorimetry.

H Chemistry 10.29.19

Here is the study guide for tomorrow’s test, in case you lost yours.

H Chemistry 10.24.19

Today, we started the stoichiometry lab and worked on % yield. The notes on % yield are below. Tomorrow, we will discuss limiting reactants and some of those notes are attached as well.

H Chemistry 10.23.19

Today we reviewed the various types of stoichiometry problem when you completed the 10 Question Trail activity in class. Tomorrow, we will work on adding % yield and we have a stoichiometry lab to complete! Please dress appropriately!