Honors Chemistry 1.10.18

Today, 1st period learned the equipment used in a chemistry class.

All classes completed the lab equipment lab

Then we took notes on significant figures.
Notes – Significant Figures 011018

CW: Due- Thursday, 1.11.18
Significant Figures Worksheet

ALTERNATIVE CW: If you do not turn in the Significant Figures on time tomorrow, you will need to complete this assignment instead.
Significant Figures Worksheet ALTERNATIVE

H Chemistry 1.9.18


Today in 1st period, we finished watching Mythbusters and determining the parts of the scientific method.

In all classes, we discussed how to identify bad science online and in social media.

We also discussed lab safety. Students need to sign the lab safety contract and have their parent/guardian sign as well. DUE TUESDAY, 1.10.18
Lab Safety Contract

Thirdly, we discussed identification of lab equipment in 3rd period .
Lab Equipment, Use &, Safety

H Chemistry 1.5.18

Today we discussed the scientific method and its steps.
NOTES – Scientific Method 010518

We also watched an episode of Mythbusters and deetermined each step in the scientific method in the show for 2 myths.
Scientific Method Mythbusters

ALternative Assignment
If you were absent today, you can pick any episode of Mythbusters to watch online at home, they are on Amazon, or if needed, you can come after school on Monday or Wednesday next week and you can watch it in tutoring.