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H Chemistry 8.20

H Chemistry 8.19

Today we discussed the periodic table and its organization

If you were absent on Friday, 9.16, below is the virtual lab to do in place of the flame test lab we did in class.,13,14/1914,13,14/1914

H Chemistry 8.16.19

Today we took our weekly quiz. Then you completed the flame test lab. You should have the analysis complete when you come to class on Monday when we will talk about how to write a formal lab report.

H Chemistry 8.15.19

Today 3rd period reviewed solving electrons and light problems and 4th period learned how to solve the problems. We have a lab tomorrow so please wear closed toed shoes and bring something to tie back your hair if it is long. You also have a weekly quiz tomorrow.

H Chemistry 8.13.19

3rd period: Today we took the SGM Pre-test. Then we answered questions about the atomic mass homework – which is due on Wednesday, 8.14. We then took notes on electrons and light.

4th period: Today we reviewed the Beanium lab. Then we took notes on electron configurations, we will finish tomorrow in class.

H Chemistry 8.13.19

Below is the link and instructions to get access to the online textbook: Chemistry – Matter and Change.

H Chemistry 8.12.19

3rd period: We reviewed how to write an electron configuration and practice writing them in class.

4th period: We reviewed how to calculate an atomic mass and completed the beanium lab in class. As homework, please complete the atomic mass practice that was passed out in class today.

H Chemistry 8.9.19

3rd period: We went over atomic mass and started taking notes on electron configurations. Below is the key for the atomic mass practice for you check your work against.

4th period: We reviewed atomic structure. The Key to the atomic structure practice is below to check your work. Then we took notes on calculating atomic mass.

H Chemistry 8.8.19

In 3rd period, we practiced calculating atomic mass from isotopic data and relative abundances. We then practiced doing the same in class, calculating the atomic mass of the fictional element – beanium.

In 4th period, we finished taking notes on the development of atomic theory and discussed atomic structure. Then you practiced determining the number of subatomic particles in atoms.

H Chemistry 8.7.19

3rd period: We discussed what isotopes are and how to calculate atomic mass. We also practiced calculating atomic mass.

4th period:We finished notes and practice on significant figures and started discussing the development of atomic theory. See the notes on Tuesday’s blog post.